Meet the Team

Barbara Anselmo - Master Cigar Roller

Barbara Anselmo - Master Cigar Roller

“I feel like I was born into this world of cigars, and the smell of tobacco. You know, my first memories are of my mother and grandmother, both of whom worked in cigar factories in Cuba. I remember playing in big fields of tobacco, asking questions about farming tobacco and rolling cigars back when I was about four years old.”

Barbara never forgot those early days in Cuba. Working her way through school and University, she felt a calling from her childhood, guiding her back to the world of cigars. “I feel like I never left my love of cigars, and I’m so happy I returned to the traditions I love, making what I think are the best cigars in the world.” After completing University, Barbara went to work immediately as an apprentice roller, under the careful direction of a Torcedoro, or Master Roller, in her native Cuba. Upon completing this multi-year process, Barbara now brings her vast knowledge and expertise to Cayman Cigar Company, handcrafting some of the world’s best boutique, premium cigars.

 Maria Delvis Hernandez - Master Cigar Roller

Maria Delvis Hernandez - Master Cigar Roller

Born in Cuba, Maria Hernandez comes to Cayman Cigar Company with over twenty years of rolling experience. Taking her first steps through the front doors of Cuban cigar maker Partagas in 1997, Maria found her passion in the handcrafting of premium cigars. “After visiting all the departments at the factory, I realized I was most excited about actually making cigars. Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing how many different tobacco blends go into different cigars. I enjoy it very much!”

Maria joined Cayman Cigar Company in 2019. “Coming to Cayman Cigar Company is something wonderful and humanitarian for me. I never imagined my position as a Torcedora (Master Roller) could help so many people.” Working under the tutelage of Torcedoros in her native Cuba, Maria learned all the components of hand rolling premium cigars and brings an eye for detail and a passion for creating some of the best cigars in the world.

Granger Haugh - Chairman

Granger Haugh - Chairman

Retired executive Granger Haugh was the founder of U.S. based Cliniqa Corporation, a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of liquid stable controls and calibrators used worldwide in the medical diagnostic industry. Upon the sale of the family company, Granger created the Haugh Family Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting U.S. Veterans, creating inclusive learning opportunities for special needs children and social entrepreneurship opportunities for people in recovery from drug and alcohol issues.
Granger and his family have enjoyed a 40+ year relationship with Grand Cayman, and the Haugh Family Foundation supports local charitable organizations such as Special Needs Foundation Cayman, The Bridge Foundation, and Beacon Farms. Granger finds satisfaction and excitement in exploring ways to give back to the island, helping its special needs children and Caymanians in recovery become self-sufficient and independent.
John Lemuel Hurlston, CVO, MBE, JP, PhD (Honoris Causa) Co-Owner

John Lemuel Hurlston, CVO, MBE, JP, PhD (Honoris Causa) Co-Owner

John Lemuel "Lem" Hurlston is a native Caymanian and recieved his undergraduate education in Grand Cayman and Jamaica. He graduated Wansworth College in London, majoring in Finance and Public Auditing. Lem served 26 years in public service to the Cayman Islands, holding positions of Chief Secretary and Deputy Governor, among the highest posts in Cayman Civil Service.
Lem holds several board positions and directorships within the Caman business and nonprofit sectors, including former Chair of University College of the Cayman Islands, the Maritime Authority and is an Honorary Representative of the Royal Commonwealth Society. He has twice been honored by Her Majesty the Queen with the awards of Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) and the Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO). He was awarded an Hononrary Doctorate by the University College of the Cayman Islands in 2012. A respected author, his memoirs entitled "A Life that Counts" was published in 2016.
Scott Haugh- Director

Scott Haugh- Director

Scott Haugh has over ten years clinical experience as a licensed Chemical Dependency Professional, helping others escape the grip of addiction and co-occurring mental illness. He specialized in bringing trauma based therapeutic approaches to ultra-marginalized populations including those incarcerated and homeless. A graduate of Seattle University with a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership, Scott is a Director of The Haugh Family Foundation, focusing on creating and developing funding partnerships and fundraising strategies. Scott serves on the board of Special Needs Foundation Cayman, The Bridge Foundation Cayman and The Beacon of Hope Cayman Foundation.