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The core vision is to provide quality premium cigars produced in the Cayman Islands and distributed worldwide.

At Cayman Cigar Company, our goal is to create the best premium hand-rolled cigars using top quality hand selected tobaccos, sourced from sustainable, organic farms by passionate growers. In January 2019, at nearby Beacon Farms, over 7000 tobacco seedlings were planted in specially designed seedbeds. Our vision is that soon we will have the finest locally grown tobacco to realize our dream of a world class, 100% Cayman Islands grown and rolled premium cigar.

We invite you to join our Cayman Cigar Company website for updates on our locally grown and cured tobaccos, new cigar blends, and local cigar news. You are also invited to schedule a visit to our nonprofit farm to see what’s growing. Please go to for more information. From tobacco harvest to finished hand rolled cigar, we are your local source for the best premium cigars in Grand Cayman.