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The Caravel In homage to Grand Cayman’s seafaring history and Caribbean origins, our newest cigar “The Caravel” is named for the small but powerful class of ships used by early Caribbean explorers and settlers. The Caravel may be shorter in stature but, like the rest of our cigars, delivers full-bodied richness and a hefty mouthfeel.
From beginning to end, the experience of smoking a cigar is meant to be pleasurable and relaxing. At the finish of a long day, lighting up a cigar and taking in its aromas and flavors is just what many of us need. Your enjoyment will be enhanced by lighting up using one of these methods
Many people are under the impression that smoking cigars are an expensive hobby to take up. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be, and it doesn’t mean sacrificing quality either. Buying cigars is up to you and your preference, but what about storing them? Keeping cigars fresh is essential if you want
The artistry of handcrafted cigars is never out of style, it just improves. Just like fine works of art, our premium hand selected tobaccos and hand rolled cigars are worthy of connoisseurs, collectors, and aficionados worldwide. Our Cayman Cigar Company staff are refreshed and reinvigorated, and as our island reopens for visitors, we are pleased