The Many Ways to Light a Cigar + The One Method To Avoid

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From beginning to end, the experience of smoking a cigar is meant to be pleasurable and relaxing. At the finish of a long day, lighting up a cigar and taking in its smokey aromas is just what many of us need. Start the process on the right foot by lighting up using one of these methods and NEVER with the last method.

You Can... Take It Easy the Old School Way

Take out three matches and your cigar. Do not clip the end off, but instead strike one match at a time. Slowly rotate the end of the cigar through the flame until each match burns down. Doing this allows you to protect the flavor of your cigar from those of the chemicals on the match. It also lights the cigar end evenly.

You Can... Light a Cedar Spill

Lighting a cedar strip works in a similar way to the three-match method. Light the end of the cedar strip with a lighter or a match. Rotate the cigar through the flame as it slowly burns up the length of the cedar strip.

Using this method protects your cigar from any flavor changes and allows you to take a bit more time and enjoy the light. The cigar is lit up more evenly as well.

If you do not have cedar spills on hand, you can often make your own. Use the strips of Spanish cedar that often accompany cigars in their box. Fold the cedar into thin strips. They work the best when they are thin at the end and they become wider at the top.

You Can... Use Butane Lighters

Using a simple butane lighter is another way to light a cigar. It is often the method used when you do not want to take a long time and are ready to light up quickly. Butane lighters do not have poor effects on the flavor and aroma.

Do Not... Use a Lighter Containing Lighter Fluid

Never use a lighter that contains lighter fluid. The most prevalent lighters that fall under this category are Zippos. The fuel has been shown to penetrate a cigar when used to light it. If you are a big fan of Zippos, there are affordable butane inserts that can fit on top of classic Zippo lighters that will stop the fluid inside from negatively impacting your cigar.

Cayman Cigars appreciates the timeless art of the class, hand-rolled cigars. Lighting them quickly is fine, but when it comes to cigars, there is always something to be said for tradition. Continue to keep up with us for an exciting USA announcement.

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