The DrawMaster: Cigar quality and enjoyment should not depend on the luck of the draw.

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Cayman Cigars DrawMaster: Cigar quality and enjoyment should not depend on the luck of the draw.

At Cayman Cigar Company, this critical device ensures the perfect cigar, every time.

Crafting genuinely great cigars is an art form. A practice of careful leaf selection, skilled hands, and a seasoned eye for detail. A passion for creativity combined with decades of learned experience steeped in tradition and excellence. At Cayman Cigar Company, we live by these concepts, practice these principles, and incorporate them in every premium cigar we make.

While incorporating all these good traditions into our cigars, we also acknowledge the importance of blending old world craftsmanship with new technologies to maintain quality and consistency in our premium cigars. The DrawMaster is a wonderful example of this.

An essential element of a great premium cigar is the quality of its draw. A smooth, easy draw is indispensable for a great smoking experience. If the cigar is rolled too tight, it becomes challenging to keep the cigar lit and burning properly. If the cigar is rolled too loosely, the cigar burns fast and imparts heat instead of taste.

To ensure maximum enjoyment and top-quality consistency, Cayman Cigar Company uses a DrawMaster device to measure the cigar’s draw, or how much air flows through the cigar after the tobacco is rolled in the binder and before the wrapper is applied. Used by premium cigar makers throughout the world, the DrawMaster has a unique method of calculating the airflow through the cigar.

While many cigar manufacturers draw test one cigar in every batch, or a certain amount per day, Cayman Cigar Company draw tests every cigar. This leaves nothing to chance and ensures quality and consistency throughout the rolling process, culminating in a smooth, satisfying cigar experience.

If you would like to learn more about the DrawMaster and how we use it to craft our cigars, watch this video on our website, where you will find our entire portfolio of premium cigars. Do not forget we now ship in the USA!

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