Cayman Cigar Company Introduces Our Newest Premium Cigar: The Caravel

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In homage to Grand Cayman’s seafaring history and Caribbean origins, our newest cigar “The Caravel” is named for the small but powerful class of ships used by early Caribbean explorers and settlers.

The Caravel may be shorter in stature but, like the rest of our cigars, delivers  full bodied richness and a hefty mouthfeel. About 4” (10.16cm), it is the perfect size when time is short, but enjoyment is paramount. 

The Caravel is a blend of hand selected long leaf tobaccos, including Cuban seed Criollo and Volado from Brazil. Bound with broadleaf and wrapped in Connecticut Capa Alto, this petite corona cigar is a great example of full flavor in a smaller presentation.

We remain rooted in our history. Maintaining our heritage through the art of hand rolled local cigars is the reason we exist. Our small cigar factory is but a few yards from where Cayman’s original settlers came ashore in Bodden Town, and a mile or so from Beacon Farms, where Cayman’s first crops of local tobacco are curing and aging.

At Cayman Cigar Company, our passions are making world class cigars and helping to better our citizens and communities. To that end, Cayman Cigar Company is the only cigar company in the world that donates 100% of all net profits to local charities. When you purchase our cigars, either online or in our shop, you are helping us help others in need.

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