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The artistry of handcrafted cigars is never out of style, it just improves. Just like fine works of art, our premium hand selected tobaccos and hand rolled cigars are worthy of connoisseurs, collectors, and aficionados worldwide. Our Cayman Cigar Company staff are refreshed and reinvigorated, and as our island reopens for visitors, we are pleased
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Locally made Stogies

In 2018, the Cayman Cigar Company was created to revive and honor the lost art of boutique tobacco farming, and the handcrafted creation of a small production, hand-rolled, top quality premium cigar. Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar maker in the world that donates 100% of net profits to charity. Our signature tobaccos
A box of Cayman hand-rolled cigars at the Cayman Cigar Company’s shop in Bodden Town is prepared for delivery
“There are no bad cigars … only better ones.” There are many clichéd adjectives to describe the flavor of a fine cigar. Such worn out jargon as “full-bodied,” “mild,” “tart” or “woody” is often bandied about in smoking lounges. I keep it simple with, “Wow, this is nice.” While recently making a visit to the
The most exquisite cigar in the world can be ruined by a poor cut. Imagine it: the smell – so subtle and spicy – the feel – so supple and moist. Your feet are stretched towards the dancing fire before you, your back leaned so comfortably into the tall, cushioned chair. On the end table