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NON-Profit Partner Beacon Farms

Beacon Farms is the center of Grand Cayman’s nonprofit agricultural and organic, sustainable farming operation. Seeds are planted, farming skills are learned, and crops are harvested, all by and for Caymanians in addiction recovery. As our farm’s bounty is sown, so are the “Seeds of Change” within our participants, fostering the spirit of independence, self-worth and sober social entrepreneurship.

Beacon Farms is an “Idea Farm” where crops are planted and nurtured along with modern farming practices and techniques. Beacon Farms created the Caribbean’s first Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting system and is planting crops (including many new to Cayman) to enhance food security and quality while creating life-changing opportunities and agricultural careers for Cayman’s citizens in recovery.

Beacon Farms Ideals


To create agricultural and farm-based job skills and career opportunities for those Caymanians who seek them, as part of a “Continuum of Care” model of recovery from drugs and/or alcohol. We provide mentorship, guidance and employment opportunities to those graduates of The Bridge Foundation’s residential support campus who choose to explore farming and related opportunities.


Beacon farms provides and manages the continued recovery of our participants by offering structured, supervised sober living environments, a haven for the continuation of 12 step programs, and the development and implementation of positive life skills and pro-social behaviors.


Beacon farms believes that every Caymanian deserves the chance to continue the path of recovery. We value honesty, willingness, responsibility, accountability and redemption as part of a robust recovery program. We firmly believe in the emotional, physical, spiritual rebuilding of lives, families and relationships through our agriculturally based opportunities, which create a successful, sober responsible re-entry into Cayman society.

The Bridge Foundation

Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care is a medical concept involving a system that guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels and intensity of care. Our “recovery” version of Continuum of Care covers the span of recovery based resources from transitional supported sober living at The Bridge Foundation (www.thebridgefoundationcayman.org) to agricultural opportunities and farming careers at Beacon Farms (www.beaconfarmscayman.org). These resources and services are available to Caymanians who have made the decision to improve their lives and become positive contributors to Cayman society.