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Premium International Cigars:

Cayman Cigar Company was created to revive and embrace the art of handcrafting premium cigars using the finest hand-selected boutique tobaccos sourced from passionate growers using organic, sustainable farming practices. Our cigars are presented in a variety of blends from mild to robust, and worldwide shipping is available.

Centuries ago, our small island nation was founded in part by pirates. (Yes, there really were Pirates of the Caribbean!) Our history is replete with stories of sunken treasure, adventure, and plunder upon the high seas. Unlike the pirates of old, we strongly believe in sharing our treasure with others. 100% of our profits are donated to local charities. Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar maker in the world that donates all net profits to charity.


  • * Hand Selected Top Quality Tobacco.
  • * Various Brands To Choose From.
  • * Worldwide Shipping.

Our Story:

The enjoyment of tobacco in the Cayman Islands dates to the mid-17th century. As settlers, voyagers, and explorers landed in the calm waters of the islands, Cayman became a critical provisioning site for seafarers and early residents.


Recent archaeological excavations have unearthed ceramic and clay tobacco pipes, most likely brought from Jamaica, Spain and other countries. Descendants of Cayman’s pioneering families share stories of early settlers of the island enjoying Cayman grown tobacco for both personal use and as a bartering staple. Many of Cayman’s original residents came from throughout the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Cuba, Dominica, and other islands, bringing their knowledge of local tobacco farming techniques with them.


In 2018, the Cayman Cigar Company was created to revive and honor the lost art of boutique tobacco farming, and the handcrafted creation of the country’s first national tobacco export; a small production, hand-rolled, top quality premium cigar. Many crops, including tobacco, are grown at Beacon Farms, located on Frank Sound Road on Grand Cayman.


Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar maker in the world that donates 100% of net profits to charity.


The farm is the center of our nonprofit organic and sustainable agricultural operation, planting “seeds of change” and growing jobs and independence for native Caymanians. In honor of Grand Cayman’s first recognized settlement, our small cigar factory is in Bodden Town, a short distance from where the Bodden families settled centuries ago. Our tobaccos and cigar blends are hand selected for quality and superiority and fashioned into premium cigars while remaining true to traditional artisanal blending and rolling methods, under the direction of Torcedora Barbara Garcia, a Master Level cigar roller. Cayman Cigar Company is introducing handcrafted, locally rolled and packaged premium cigars to the local, U.S., and overseas marketplace.


The Sovereign Portfolio is available now. Sovereign No. 1 is a hearty smoke, with hints of pepper and cocoa. Sovereign No. 2 is also a full-bodied cigar, but a touch milder, with a creaminess and smooth draw that appeals to many palates. Sovereign No.3 is our most full-bodied premium cigar. Wrapped in dark Brazilian Arapiraca, this cigar provides a more complex cigar experience and is the boldest presentation of the Sovereign Portfolio.

Barbara’s Story:

“I feel like I was born into this world of cigars, and the smell of tobacco. You know, my first memories are of my mother and grandmother, both of whom worked in cigar factories in Cuba. I remember playing in big fields of tobacco, asking questions about farming tobacco and rolling cigars back when I was about four years old.”


Barbara never forgot those early days in Cuba. Working her way through school and University, she felt a calling from her childhood, guiding her back to the world of cigars. “I feel like I never left my love of cigars, and I’m so happy I returned to the traditions I love, making what I think are the best cigars in the world.” After completing University, Barbara went to work immediately as an apprentice roller, under the careful direction of a Torcedoro, or Master Roller, in her native Cuba. Upon completing this multi-year process, Barbara now brings her vast knowledge and expertise to Cayman Cigar Company, handcrafting some of the world’s best boutique, premium cigars.

Our Cigar Portfolio


Sovereign No. 1

Our No. 1 is a medium bodied blend of Criollo Seco, Ligero and Brazilian Volado. It has a Broadleaf binder and is wrapped in rich Bahia Sumatra from Brazil. This cigar delivers a beautiful combination of dark cocoa powder, a hint of cardamom spice and a touch of black pepper.

Sovereign No. 2

The No. 2 is a lighter-bodied smoke, with a well-balanced draw and plush mouthfeel. A milder blend of Criollo, Seco and Volado, this cigar presents a harmony of rich sandalwood and vanilla that appeals to many palates. A perfect introduction to our portfolio.

Sovereign No. 3

Our No. 3 is our boldest offering within the Sovereign portfolio. A hearty blend of Criollo and Brazilian Long Fillers, the No. 3 is finished in a robust dark Arapiraca wrapper. With a hefty mouthfeel and rich notes of roasted espresso, earthy minerals and zingy spice, the No.3 is a palate pleasing combination of bold structure and complexity.



The Diplomat is very much like a “Velvet Hammer.” A hand selected blend of our most robust Long Fillers, bound in rich, dark San Andres leaf, and enveloped in a Brazilian Shade wrapper, this cigar delivers full bodied richness and a complex flavor profile of dark molasses, a bit of dark walnut, sticky toffee and earth. A big weighty mouthfeel and surprising smoothness make the Diplomat a favorite among serious aficionados.



The Monarch is a delightful medium strength blend of premium Criollo Volado, Seco and Ligero long leaf tobaccos. Volado grows closest to the rich soil and oils contained in the large leaves contribute to the bold structure and even burning of the cigar. Seco (The Middle Leaf) tempers the Volado with richness and a touch of creaminess and Ligero (The Top Leaf) adds savory aromatics and plush mouthfeel, The dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper finishes the cigar, cloaking it in savory, toasty spice. The Monarch is big, but not overpowering. Bold, but not bitter. Rich, but not cloying. A sensational medium bodied smoking experience.

Get in Touch

Cayman Cigar Company is the only cigar company in the world that donates 100% of net profits to charity

Thank you for visiting our company and learning about our small production, handcrafted cigars. We look forward to sharing additional cigar blends and unique accessories with you.

Please stay in touch with us, and when in Cayman, drop by our store in historic Bodden Town to watch our cigar rollers and see what’s new! If you would like to schedule a visit or tour of our nonprofit Beacon Farms to learn more about how our tobacco is grown and cured, please let us know.

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